How it works

Your learning journey

Where to start

By creating a PV-iTeach account, you will be able to find and access all the courses and their material. All you need to create your PV-iTeach account is; an email address which you can freely access and, a device such as a computer or a tablet but even mobilephones can be used.

How to study

With your PV-iTeach account you will have indefinite access to interactive e-learning courses, reading material, research links, and more. We highly recommend you make blocks of at least 30 to 40 minutes to really enjoy and immerse in your learning journey.

We highly recommend you take regular breaks if you are planning on longer sessions than 40 minutes. A good rest to your eyes and mind by taking a short walk or enjoying a drink, can make your focus and concentration better and therefore your learning efforts more efficient. 

As a matter of focusing and concentration we also recommend you make sure you close all other website pages and mute all your social media notifications.

Support during your journey

The learning material has been produced in a way that you can be fully independent and self reliant. Q and A sections will answer most common questions.

Keep your eyes open to the News section here in our website, there we invite our follower to our monthly webinars, summer school and multiplier events.

Your certificates of study

The learning program we forged for you, has the academic weight and value to award you with an official certificate. After each course’s section there is a voluntary examination. When you conclude all examinations, you are then offered the option of acquiring a certificate, for a small flat fee. We will soon release more information on this point.

If you wish to learn more

If you decide that you want to deepen your studies, we invite you to explore a variety of online and in presence Masters and Certificates studies PV-iTeach partners’ offer. Amongst PV iTeach’s outstanding partner universities, you can for sure find a program that suits your time and geographical preferences.

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