Solar Radiation and Solar Geometry

Solar Radiation and Solar Geometry

Dalarna University, Sweden

This course covers the following topics:

1. The sun and extraterrestrial radiation

2. Sun-earthgeometry

3. Solar angles

4. Visualisation of solar motion – sun path diagram

5. Solar radiation on Earth

6. Measuring solar radiation

7. Calculating angle of incidence

8. Solar radiation data

9. Clearness index

10. Calculation of radiation incident on a surface

11. Anisotropicsky – Hays and Davies model

12. Some rule of thumb

Learning Objectives:

- To demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics of solar radiation before and after passage in the atmosphere. 

- To control the basic geometry and concepts concerning solar motion and be able to calculate the effect of orientation of a surface on the incident solar energy.

- To review different ways to measure solar radiation and identify the limitations of different measurement methods.

- To understand different kind of solar radiation data and how to use this data for calculations

- To use different models and appropriate approximations for calculating the solar radiation incident on different surfaces

Dr. Mats Rönnelid

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