PV Module Technology

PV Module Technology

TH Köln

This course covers the following topics:

1. C-Si: ALBSF- and PERC technology

2. Heterojunction, TOPCON and IBC-technologies

3. CIS/CdTe and a-Si

4. Concentrator solar cells and modules

5. Organic and perovskite solar cells

6. Solar glass technology

7. Encapsulation materials

8. Series connection/junction box/by-pass diode

9. Bifacial solar modules

10. Solar roof tiles

11. Green solar modules: Recycling issues

Learning Objectives:

1. Evaluate components (cells, modules, glass, encapsulation) of PV-systems

2. Analyze future trends in PV module technology (tunnel contacts, tandem cells, organic and perovskite solar cells)

Prof. Dr. Ulf Blieske

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