PV and PV Hybrid System Design

PV and PV Hybrid System Design

Dalarna University, Sweden

This course covers the following topics:

The design of PV off-grid, PV on-grid and PV hybrid systems and in particular:

1. The principles of generators for PV systems such as PV modules, small wind turbines and gensets.

2. The planning and sizing principles of PV systems.

3. PV system applications.

4. Manual and software based sizing and the optimization of PV systems.

5. System architectures and the technical design of PV systems.

6. The installation and mounting of PV systems.

7. The economic evaluation of PV systems and examples of installed PV systems.

Learning Objectives:

- To describe the main types and concepts of PV and hybrid systems,

- To understand and apply the principles for planning of PV systems,

- To independently size different types of PV systems based on basic design procedures and calculations,

- To have a good command on standard software tools for sizing, modelling and optimization of common PV- and PV hybrid systems,

- To critically analyse and evaluate the sizing and performance of complete PV systems,

- To evaluate the economic viability of a PV systems.

Dr. Frank Fiedler

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