Solar Energy Systems

Solar Energy Systems

University of Freiburg

This course covers the following topics:
1. Off-grid Solar Electricity:

- Energy Poverty and Electricity Access

- Photovoltaic Modules for Off-grid Applications

- Batteries for Off-grid Applications

- Charge Controllers and Maximum Power Point Tracking

- Electrical Loads: Lighting, Water Pumping, Cooling, and Cooking

- System Design with Software Tools

- Mounting / Installation of PV components

- Operation &Maintenance

2. Introduction to Power Grids:

- Concept of AC Power Supply

- Three-phase Electric Circuits

- Mini-grids and Micro-grids

- Structure and Elements of Power Grids

- Grid Operation and Ancillary Services

- Renewable Energy Integration to the Power Grid

Learning Objectives

1. Design  and build their solar off-grid system.

2. Program  their charge controller and control a solar mini-grid.

3.  Understand grid loads of an off-grid system and their effects on the system.

4. Work out  an operation and maintenance plan for an off-grid system.

5. Assess  the technical and economic aspects of solar off-grid systems.

6.  Understand the fundamentals of AC power supply.

7.  Distinguish between mini-grid and micro-grid structures.

8. Describe  the components and structure of electrical power systems.

9. Explain  the principles of frequency control in mini-grid and the utility grid.

10.  Formulate the power flow problem for small grid structures.

11.  Understand voltage control for simple examples.

12.  Describe the challenges of renewable energy integration for the power grid.

Dr. Leonhard Probst


Prof. Dr. Volker Wachenfeld

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