Grid Connected PV Systems

Grid Connected PV Systems

TH Köln

This course covers the following topics:

1. Design of solar cells 

2. Electrical behaviour of solar cells (parameters, main losses)

3. Si-Cells & -Modules, Thin-Film-Modules

4. PV-System Design 

5. Properties of PV-Inverters 

6. Other BOS (cables; mounting; batteries; charge controller)

7. Solar radiation (effects of position of the sun, module tilt & azimuth on module performance)

8. Grid integration of PV systems

9. Safety, ecological and economic evaluation of PV-systems (including feed-in tariff)

10. System planning and simulation software

Learning Objectives:

- Plan grid-connected PV-systems with ALL their components

- Perform analytical calculation and simulation of photovoltaic grid connected systems

- Analyze the economics and ecology of PV-systems

Prof. Dr. Ulf Blieske

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