Global Energy Needs

Global Energy Needs

University of Freiburg

This course covers the following topics:

0. Introduction

1. Today‘s energy picture and future energy needs

2. Astonishing predictive power of Price-Experience-Curves

3. Renewable energies – technology, market and applications

4. Photovoltaics in more detail

5. Electricity storage

6. Integration of renewable technologies into the energy system

7. Future outlook towards 100% renewables

Learning Objectives:

- Achieve a qualitative and global understanding of today and tomorrow’s energy needs.

- Explain the importance of energy efficiency

- Construct and use Price Experience Curves to predict the future price trend of mass-produced and globally traded products (like PV modules and batteries).

- Understand the portfolio of all renewable technologies and their role in power the global needs by 100% renewables.

- Explain that PV and wind, together with storage, is key to 100% renewable energies.

- Assess why renewable energy is the best choice to fight climate change.

- Understand the future renewable energy scenarios published by various organizations (e.g., IEA, BP, and others) and compare these critically with our 100% scenario.

Dr. Winfried Hoffmann

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