Applied Photovoltaics

Applied Photovoltaics

Technical University Denmark

This course covers the following topics:

1. PV module fabrication

2. PV Module Performance Testing

3. Imaging characterization of PV modules

3. Efficiency Characterization of PV Inverters

5. Performance Monitoring of PV Systems

6. Site Shading Analysis

Learning Objectives:

- Understand the components and fabrication process of standard crystalline silicon PV modules 

- Apply and interpret the characterization methods for PV modules

- Understand and  interpret the PV inverter efficiency characterization methods and parameters

- Understand and apply performance monitoring and parameters of PV  systems.

- Understand and interpret site shading analysis methods.

Dr. Sergiu Viorel Spataru


Dr. Sune Thorsteinsson


Markus Babin


Daniel Alvarez Mira


Rodrigo Del Prado Santamaria


Filipe Martinho

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